Tuesday, October 27, 2009

35. 2 Pac - California Love [Remix] (1996)

Possibly Tupac Shakur's most well known song (along with "How Do U Want It", of course), hearing this song earlier today reminded me of a time when the hip-hop world was in a completely different state. Rappers everywhere were at war with each other - including Pac and Dre themselves soon after this song - and your location actually meant a lot, not only as far as what "side" you represented, but also the style of music that you created. The East Coast was always more street-oriented (and in my opinion much better), and the West Side was more about girls and partying. Nowhere is this West Coast philosophy more evident than on this song, which extols the virtues of living in California....if you like to have a good time, of course. These days hip-hop is in a much different place, but hearing this song reminds me that the good old days aren't that far behind us.

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  1. This track just bangs, back when Dre was still making great beats.