Friday, October 9, 2009

17. J Dilla - Time: The Donut of the Heart (2006)

This track off of Dilla's album Donuts always makes me sad. Released just a few days before the brilliant producer died of Lupus along with an incurable blood disease, the album was Jay's final major artistic statement and it was an incredible one at that. The beats he created have gone on to be widely used throughout the hip-hop community, and you can still hear his production on new songs even 3 years later. This song specifically just has a sort of nostalgic feel to it, while at the same time showing what a genius the man was. He is greatly missed by everyone interested in hip-hop as art, but his legacy will live on forever in those who choose to use his beats for something great.

The Roots also used this song as the basis of a song called "Can't Stop This", dedicated to J Dilla on their 2006 album Game Theory.

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  1. Madlib's Beat Konducta Vol.5-6 is an awesome tribute Jay. RIP Dilla Dawg!