Tuesday, November 10, 2009

49. Arcade Fire - In the Back Seat (2004)

It still amazes me that to this day, 5 years after the release of this fantastically amazing album, it continues to give me the chills in a different spot every single time that I listen to it. The only way I can describe the emotional impact of Funeral is to compare it to the most wonderful, heart-wrenching movie that you've ever seen....and take the feelings you got from it and think of how those feelings would sound. When the members of this band got together to make this, they took all of the heartbreak of losing family members and created some of the most lasting emotional achievements that have ever been put to record. This song from Regine Chassagne is like the come down at the end of all the glorious highs that preceded it, and is just.....perfect. Obviously, there just aren't enough words to express how I feel about this album.

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